Fun day-camp for kids

This year’s Camp Wild – our thirteenth – attracted 59 local-area kids who wanted to learn about the State Park. They experienced a range of activities spread over five fun-filled days in June that included some exciting new modules.

These activities included the creation of personalized journals to record information such as date, time, temperature, cloud formation and weather. Campers also used plant presses to add horticultural finds to their journals.

Campers were asked to pick a particular color from a selection of paint chips and then find things in the Park that matched their color, thus opening their eyes to the myriad differences in nature. They loved it!

We created games that were specially designed to make the kids learn to work together – only when a whole team joined forces was their objective achieved. They also learned orienteering, using a compass to follow a map and locate treasure. Additional modules focused on birds, bees and insects.

After learning the basics of kayak safety and paddling, campers had lots of fun kayaking around the Park’s fishpond. They also discovered how to safely use a seine net, allowing them to round up some of the creatures that live in the waters of Galveston Bay, including a pregnant male pipefish!

Later, the kids arranged an assortment of plants and shells on a piece of photo-sensitive paper that was then fixed using sunlight. The resulting composition was made into a print using recycled Styrofoam.

Campers were taught the difference between point and non-point source pollution and saw how rainwater reaches the Bay. They then learned how oysters are able to clean the Bay’s waters by each filtering up to 50 gallons a day through their slippery insides. They created bags of oyster shells that will be used to create the foundation for a new oyster reef.

As you might guess, the kids had a fun time – as did the 38 volunteers (including teachers, counselors, counselors-in-training and Rangers from the Park’s staff).

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