Accomplishments celebrated at Annual Meeting

On August 16, we conducted our Annual Meeting at the Galveston Country Club.

We celebrated a broad range of accomplishments for the year 2013/2014, including the following:

  • Doubled our membership
  • Launched a Facebook page; re-vamped the website; and reintroduced our newsletter
  • Hosted our fifth annual Fun Run in January, with more that 160 participants and volunteers
  • Hosted our first annual Beach and Bay Day, a resounding success that attracted more than 500 visitors to the Park, along with 80 volunteers
  • Hosted our thirteenth annual Camp Wild, with 59 campers and a lot of exciting, new activities
  • Created a new look-and-feel for the Nature Learning Center
  • Continued the popular beach and bay explorations, kayak adventures and field trips
  • Continued to grow plants to help restore the Park’s ecosystems
  • Donated money to the Park for a range of projects

We thanked a number of volunteers for their exemplary service — most notably Nathan Veatch — and welcomed three new board members: Rhonda Marshall, Jo Monday and Charli Rohack.

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