Sunday morning bird walks resume at the Park

Doctor Richard Peake has resumed Sunday morning walks at the Park. Beginning at 8:00 am at the Nature Learning Center, the walks last until around 11:30 for those who can spare that much time. If you have less free time, you can drop out during convenient breaks in the morning’s schedule as walkers move between locations. Doctor Peake says recent walks have been very rewarding, though he would like more leaders to volunteer their time and knowledge to help with this activity.

Doctor Peake has been an active field ornithologist for over fifty years, starting out in Chesapeake, Virginia when his fifth-grade teacher started a junior Audubon Club in her class. When we was 13, Peake persuaded his parents to buy him a pair of WWII army-surplus 6×30 binoculars. Imagine his excitement when one of the first birds he found in his neighborhood was a Western Kingbird!

Though not primarily a “lister,” Doctor Peake has an ABA list of well over 700 and a world list of 4,500 species. He is a life member of the AOU, the Association of Field Ornithologists, the Carolina Bird Club, the Houston Audubon Society, KOS, TOS (both Tennessee and Texas), VSO, and the Wilson Ornithological Society. Now Professor Emeritus of English, Dick gives illustrated bird programs and does occasional volunteer and professional birding tours in Texas and Virginia.

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