About us

The Friends of Galveston Island State Park (FoGISP) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization with the following mission and vision:

The Mission of FoGISP is to promote the interests of the Park and its users
through volunteer work, fundraising and stimulating community interest in the Park.

Our Vision is that Galveston Island State Park be recognized as a model state park and
a Natural Learning Laboratory known for its innovative, interactive and fun approach to education.

We take this mission and vision very seriously:

  • Volunteer work: We log thousands of hours every year conducting beach and bay explorations, staffing the Nature Learning Center, supporting field trips, leading kayak tours, restoring the Park, and more. For more information, see Volunteering.
  • Fundraising: We hold annual and ongoing membership drives in order to fund our activities. For information on joining us or making a contribution, see Support us.
  • Stimulating community interest: We take a broad approach to stimulating community interest in the Park. For example, in 2013 we created a Friends of Galveston Island State Park Facebook page; in 2014, we launched — and will continue to develop — this completely revamped website. We also publicize activities on Galveston.com and the Daily News. If you join FoGISP, you can expect to receive newsletters as well as informative emails.

Recent achievements

In financial year 2014/2015, FoGISP achieved the following:

  • Hosted our sixth annual Fun Run in January, with more that 160 participants and volunteers
  • Hosted our second annual Beach and Bay Day, a resounding success that attracted over 750 visitors to the Park, along with 80 volunteers
  • Hosted our fourteenth annual Camp Wild, with 49 campers and a lot of exciting, new activities
  • Created a new look-and-feel for the Nature Learning Center
  • Continued the popular beach and bay explorations, kayak adventures and field trips
  • Purchased a second greenhouse and planted over 5,700 native plants to help restore the Park’s ecosystems
  • Built a new observation deck overlooking the marsh and bay
  • Purchased a new building to store our equipment used to support all the events and education we do at the park
  • Supported the Park Interpreter by purchasing an iPad mini for use during workshops and nature hikes
  • Donated money to the Park for a range of projects and for the purchase of much needed equipment

Where we’re going

FoGISP is always looking for ways to make the Park the best it can be. Everyone is welcome to make suggestions; if you have an idea that might enhance the Park, please contact us.

Thanks to remediation from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, the Park will begin implementing a broad range of improvements, perhaps in 2017. Meanwhile, FoGISP will continue to help make our Park the best State Park in Texas.