Field trips

FoGISP helps conduct field trips at Galveston Island State Park. Join the thousands of students (elementary thru high school) and adults that have visited the Park on free, scheduled field trips. Groups typically number 30 – 50 people, with one guide supplied for every 10 – 12 participants. Refer to the following brochure for more information on field trips:  Page 1, Page 2.

Aquatic Science students have been the most numerous participants; however, elementary, home-schooled and prep school students have also enjoyed our field trips, as have scouts and members of the Galveston Bay Area Chapter – Texas Master Naturalist.

For example, field trips may focus on one of the following:

  • Beach and bay explorations: Investigate these habitats with the help of a guide; use hands-on methods to collect and observe the residents. For example, in each exploration the group uses a seine net or sieves to capture creatures that live in shallow water.
  • Beach clean-ups: Unfortunately it seems there will always be a need for beach clean-ups.
  • Dune-plant studies: Learn about the growth and importance of sand dunes; distinguish the most common plants that grow here

Requesting a field trip

Several weeks before your field trip, contact the Park’s Ranger Lisa or call (409) 737-1222. You’ll need to complete this form to provide more information, while also requesting the Park to waive entry fees for your group. Please limit the number of participants to 30 – 50.

Participants should dress for the weather and wear closed-toe shoes.

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