Work days

Every other Monday, beginning on January 4, 2016, volunteers gather to help restore the Park. For example, they may be potting plants to be nurtured in the newly-built greenhouses or planting more mature plants in the coastal prairie.


A morning in the dunes

This particular crew has just planted 318 containers of native grasses as part of our continuing effort to return the Park to its original state. They also took a quick survey of grasses that were planted in the summer drought two years earlier; the good news was that 60-70% have not only survived but are thriving. Thanks to our volunteers, in the past 18 months over 6,000 one gallon containers of native grasses have been planted in the park.

Please contact us for more information.

4 thoughts on “Work days

  1. I have just arrived in Galveston. I am looking for a site for my 24′ trailer and work. For an inexpensive site i will do all the volunteer work you need. I am well experienced in all forms of landscaping, I was a builder for many years, I can sell anything and have recently acquired a BAS in Web Design. If you cannot help with a camp site I will still assist if you need any of my services. My complete history can be found at
    Marvin Emry

    • Hi, Marvin
      Next work day at the Park is Monday, February 9, 9 AM until 11:30 AM

      The main activity will be planting seedlings from the greenhouse (Maintenance Area) into 1 gallon pots Please bring gloves and water and notify Dick if you are planning on working (

  2. My grandson, Sam is 16 and just received his drivers license. He is interested in working with wildlife and protecting wildlife habitats. He is shy and not outspoken but he loves supporting wildlife habitats and is a hard worker. Can he volunteer for projects this summer?

    • Apologies for the delayed response. Because of the heat (and because most volunteers are over 60!), we don’t have many volunteer opportunities over the summer. I’ll forward your message to Chatt, who heads up a team that grows native plants for use in the Park’s prairie habitats.

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